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WordPress Training

WordPress Training for Beginners

Part of the service we provide when we develop new websites for our customers is WordPress training. This ensures that our customers are able to manage their own website content and webshop themselves going forwards (if they wish to).


Many web developers do not provide this service. In fact, they tend to provide a basic website with no content at all and no training either! This means that you have to ask them for any website changes you need (at a cost of course). As a small business owner, this isn’t always feasible so if you’ve found yourself in this position, we can help you.

North East WordPress Training for Beginners
North East WordPress Training for Beginners

What Training do we Provide?

There are many courses out there which are aimed at WordPress beginners, and whilst many of them are very useful, they often offer far too much information.

We provide one-to-one training to show you how to manage the basics of your new website including:

  • Adding new pages
  • Adding new blog posts
  • Managing products in your webshop
  • Optimising your content for SEO

Learn WordPress without the Jargon

Don’t know what HTML or CSS is? That’s OK! We will teach you the basics of WordPress in plain English without any jargon. We can even provide a WordPress instruction booklet to keep you on the right track following your training.


Please get in touch with us if you’d like to know more about the training services we provide.

WordPress Training for Beginners Newcastle upon Tyne