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Marketing & Brand Awareness

We provide bespoke digital marketing services to get your business noticed across the North East and beyond.

We do this in a number of ways including email marketing, social media marketing, pay per click (PPC) campaigns via Facebook and Google and search engine optimisation.

Marketing Services Newcastle
Email Marketing Services Newcastle

Email Marketing Services

Email Marketing campaigns take careful planning. You need a marketing plan, content, and above all else a goal.

We can design and deliver email marketing campaigns on your behalf to keep you in regular contact with existing and potential customers.

Social Media Marketing

These days social media is everything and you need to make sure your business stands out across Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media platforms.

We can create social media profiles for you and can help to build up your online presence via regular posts or through the use of targeted social media campaigns.

Social media marketing
PPC Marketing

Pay Per Click Marketing Campaigns

Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns can make a huge difference to your web traffic – but they can also put a large dent in your bank balance if you don’t know what you’re doing.

We can create and manage targeted PPC campaigns within any budget to help you reach the customers you want to – without paying for unwanted click-throughs.